Behavioral Wellness is important to your client’s dogs, your clients, and YOUR PRACTICE!

  • Behaviorally balanced dogs are significantly easier for you and your staff to handle, saving you time and allowing your practice to see more patients each day.Behavioral Wellness can save a dog's life.
  • Well-behaved and adjusted dogs are more likely to be taken to the veterinarian for routine check-ups and services.
  • The number one reason for dog surrenders is an untreated behavior problem.  Behaviorally healthy dogs remain in their homes, which increases your client retention rates!

Sadly, too many dogs with behavior issue that could remain in their homes don’t, because, either the owners are unaware that successful behavior intervention is possible, or the owners give up after receiving ineffective behavior modification advise.  There are no winners in this situation.  The dog loses, the owners lose, and your practice loses a patient.

If you are a veterinarian who is frustrated with the lack of qualified behavior training professionals to refer to your clients who have dogs suffering from behavioral problems, we can help!  We are a national network of extremely experienced, highly qualified, professional dog trainers. We have a proven, verifiable, track record of success, working with dogs (and their owners) experiencing the most challenging of behavior issues.

If you would like to be connected with a professional dog trainer in your area, committed to  your client’s dog’s behavioral wellness, and who follows a consistent protocol of keeping you informed of the progress of the dogs you refer to them, please contact us today.